Do you dare venture into the lair of the king of the jungle? In this particular incarnation, the Lion’s Lair online slot game, it’s not really that fearsome to be perfectly honest. A brightly colored pokey with flowers on the reels and plenty of frolicking felines, it’s really more cutesy than Discovery Channel-esque. This is definitely a throwback to the animated children’s tales of talking creatures who make friends with animals that they’d devour in real life. But is that really such a bad thing? We think not. And you know what else isn’t so bad? Enjoyable gameplay and a tidy jackpot – and thoseRead More →

Will you be bold enough to answer the call of the coliseum? The Coliseum, of course, is an ancient and glorious structure built in the middle of Rome, Italy by the emperor Titus somewhere between 70 and 80 AD. To this day, spectators can check out the structure of this gorgeous monument to time and bloodshed, and dream of the days when the old stadium was filled with viewers watching the bloody sport of the gladiators. Call of the Coliseum is a suitable substitute for those who can’t easily catch a flight overseas. With gorgeous, three-dimensional graphics, amazing gameplay, and some big money win opportunities,Read More →

In the ancient days of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, wars were commonplace and the sport of the gladiators was a public favorite. There is not really any blood-splattering in the Caesar’s Empire online slot game, but we consider that to be an acceptable sacrifice to authenticity for the sake of theming! This title manages to be truly epic regardless. With a fat jackpot, a great look, and smooth gameplay, we imagine that a lot of different players will really enjoy this one. Caesar’s Empire is a five-reel, twenty-payline online slot machine game by Real Time Gaming. Coin values start at one cent and rangeRead More →

Butterflies has to be one of the most charming online slots that we have played in a long time. Sporting a whimsical, bright theme and plenty of big-money cash, this game is a shoe-in to appeal to the female punters among us. (It would be interesting to see if the manly men would brave all the pink and animated bugs to take a crack at that almost half-million dollar jackpot!) Playing this game is akin to lounging in your garden on a peaceful, mild Sunday afternoon in the spring. Butterflies was designed by PartyGaming. Coin values start at one cent and range up to –Read More →

Back in the days of feudal rule, Japan was protected from outside invaders by the noble warriors called samurai. These proud, elegant fighters were governed by an honor code known as “bushido.” Those who practice the martial arts (karate, kendo, tai kwon do) nowadays will experience some vestige of these codes in their training, although obviously not as strictly or all-consumingly. Playing the Dynasty online slot is a real thrill for those who enjoy learning about history, or really just have a blast playing big-money online slots. Whichever camp you belong in, make sure you bring your bankroll for this high-roller game! Dynasty is aRead More →