Back in the days of feudal rule, Japan was protected from outside invaders by the noble warriors called samurai. These proud, elegant fighters were governed by an honor code known as “bushido.” Those who practice the martial arts (karate, kendo, tai kwon do) nowadays will experience some vestige of these codes in their training, although obviously not as strictly or all-consumingly. Playing the Dynasty online slot is a real thrill for those who enjoy learning about history, or really just have a blast playing big-money online slots. Whichever camp you belong in, make sure you bring your bankroll for this high-roller game!

Dynasty is a five-reel, twenty-five payline online slot machine game by Vegas Technology. Coin values start at one cent and range upwards to ten dollars. Max coins is set at a value of twenty-five, or one per payline. That makes the highest per-spin value one of two hundred fifty dollars. The jackpot is a princely five thousand coins, or fifty thousand dollars. There is a free practice mode for those who like to try out the wares before purchasing credits to play.

Swords, pagodas, flags, and other Asian-inspired symbols appropriate to the martial theme all appear on the reels, along with poker symbols. The reels are set on a gorgeous landscape for the background. The seal symbol is wild, appearing only on the second, third, and fourth reels and completing any combo at a double value. The emperor is the scatter symbol. If at least three of these appear on the reels at any time, you will win ten free spins at a double multiplier.

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