Get the Lowdown on Mobile Slot Apps for NetEnt

Out of all of the different casino software providers in the world, few have a brand as widely recognized as NetEnt, which is short for Net Entertainment. Though they weren’t the first to ever offer them, mobile slot apps for NetEnt were the first designed solely for that platform and not just copycats of their existing titles. They started out in the handheld sector in 2011 and have continued to grow in popularity. In fact, they recently announced in 2013 that the intended to bring every single game in their repertoire over to the mobile market as quickly as possible – something that is unheard of otherwise.

Outstanding New Technologies

The mobile slot apps for NetEnt make use of what they call the Touch Mobile Gaming technology, the first of its kind. The platform was developed long before the titles, so this allowed the developer to create some unique offerings that were never before seen. The Starburst Touch Slot is the latest of their offerings and it makes number 11 in the suite, and while this is a low number compared to some of the competitors, it should again be noted that each and every one of those 11 is something brand new and not able to be found on any full-site casino running their software.

The Starburst Game

The Starburst game is a spinoff of one of the company’s namesake titles, and it features the same five reels and win-both-ways feature as its full-sized namesake. However, it also features the expanding wilds where a single icon can cover all three positions on a reel and remain locked in place for as many as three spins. The potential to win with this particular title is huge and that is likely why it continues to remain so popular among its fans. While the idea is the same, the interface is much different and it is much more intuitive.

Overall, mobile slot apps for NetEnt have come a long way, but the truth is that they are just getting started. With plans to add every single title in their repertoire to the mobile sector, they’ll soon dominate that side of the industry.

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