Butterflies has to be one of the most charming online slots that we have played in a long time. Sporting a whimsical, bright theme and plenty of big-money cash, this game is a shoe-in to appeal to the female punters among us. (It would be interesting to see if the manly men would brave all the pink and animated bugs to take a crack at that almost half-million dollar jackpot!) Playing this game is akin to lounging in your garden on a peaceful, mild Sunday afternoon in the spring.

Butterflies was designed by PartyGaming. Coin values start at one cent and range up to – are you ready for this? – seventy dollars. Max coins is set at value of twenty, or one per payline. That makes the highest per-spin wager one of fourteen hundred dollars. Now, we know that sounds like a LOT of money. But on the other hand, the seven thousand coin top jackpot maxes out at an astronomical four hundred ninety thousand dollars! When you look at it that way, we think that the risk justifies the payout… if you have a fortune in your pocket, or are playing with monopoly money!

The flitting butterfly, plump caterpillar, and floral emblems all appear on the reels alongside poker symbols. The little house is the wild symbol for this online slot game, completing any combo and doubling the value. The flower is the scatter symbol, and the scatter prize is an unusual one: when it is activated, an animated butterfly crosses the screen and randomly transforms a few symbols into wild symbols!

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