Slot Terms You Need to Know: Volume 9

Driller: “Drillers” are slot machine scammers who deface slot games by drilling holes into them, with the hope of making the machine produce an artificial jackpot. It goes pretty much without saying that this is illegal.

“Slotaholic Pain”: This is a diagnose that has not been officially approved by the American Medical Association! Experienced slot players fall victim to this ailment when they stay playing a specific slot game for too long. Commonly-held wisdom says that, if one has been playing a slot for some time without luck, it’s time to move on!

Slot Talk: This is the gab and gossip that takes place between slot machine fans. For newbies and pros alike, this is an excellent way to improve one’s familiarity with slots and the gambling industry. For fans of online slot machines, a stupendous source of “slot talk” is the message boards operated by many online casinos. You can log into one of these boards or chat rooms and trade tips with players all over the world – where else could you possibly do such a thing?!

Spooning: This is another sneaky and illegal method of trying to defraud a slot machine. “Spooners” (who probably know a few DRILLERS) use a spoon-like device to confuse a device’s coin counter so that, during the payout of a win, the machine dispenses more money than it is supposed to.

Patterns: It’s no myth that slot machines operate on the basis of “random statistical trends.” Theoretically, one could identify one of these trends and play aggressively on the upside of such a pattern to significantly boost one’s odds of winning. Old-time slot games had much shorter patterns, and were easier to predict. The patterns of latter-day slots may span many days, so capitalizing on them is a really tricky concept.

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