Casinos Succeed in Luring Players

The troubled U.S. economy has been playing havoc on both land-based and online casinos’ revenues, but the resourceful owners and operators of these gambling establishments have been proving that a little ingenuity goes a very long way! All things considered, 2008 has been a really rough year for American gambling. The ongoing delay in the clarification of the terms of the UIGEA has left online casino operators in a murky legal limbo, and the economic crisis has only heaped the most stress upon the heads of land casino establishments. Both land-based and online slot machines have fallen from the tremendous favor they have historically held with American gamblers as Yanks struggle to come up with the discretionary income necessary to enjoy these diversions.

Casinos are firing back by tempting players with seductive marketing strategies. The Foxwoods Casino of Connecticut, for example, has given slots fans the rare opportunity to play free online slots games at their internet outlet and earn credits that are playable at their land casino. This is a brilliant, double-headed strategy that ensures that players are visiting both sides of the Foxwoods Indian tribe’s casino empire – the virtual AND the brick-and-mortar.

The Pauma Indian tribe of California has tried out a similar tactic with no small degree of success, although they faced legal challenges when it came time to implement the program. With so much competition for both land-based and online slot machine casino sites, casinos are doing the best thing possible by trying to ensure that their players remain loyal to both branches of their gambling operation.

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