Online Casinos Weather the Storm

Outside complications have given no end of trouble to gambling companies catering to Yanks in the past year. First of all, the notorious UIGEA pretty much barred online casinos from accepting the money of players in the United States and led to a lot of legal issues brought about by genuine confusion over the infamous legislation’s murky terms. Then, the US economy began to experience the symptoms of what has burgeoned into fairly serious trouble. Therefore, those internet-based casinos that stuck around and chose to try and deal with the UIGEA have been slammed with the impact of American gamblers having a lot less discretionary (read: playing) income. Granted, there’s few enough of the casinos serving U.S. citizens that the pie is still pretty rich – but nobody can question the fact that things are not quite as sweet as they used to be.

Party Gaming has been one of the gambling companies hardest-hit by the troubles. The online slot machine site run by a pair of American expatriates living in London had a massive stake in U.S. gambling before the abominable UIGEA. The online slot site’s operators decided to immediately cut off its American ties and restructure to the point where they were earning all their income doing business with non-Americans, but the costs and effort have been burdensome.

Those online slot machine and casino gambling sites that have persevered in trying to circumvent the UIGEA and offer American players a place to gamble are struggling to deal with the economic downturn. With no end in site to the crisis, it’s hard to say who will be able to hang in!

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