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You know what they say about opinions – everyone has one. Here at Slots Data, we have plenty of opinions about the online slots that we play on the World Wide Web. We imagine that you do, too. The Big Slot Review Page is exactly what it says it is: a round-up of our years of top-quality reviews and ratings of online pokies, arranged alphabetically for your reading convenience. Here’s where to find quick and easy info on the top slots on the ‘net today, with everything you need to know to start spinning the reels.

From time to time, we re-review slots to evaluate how they’re holding up and how our opinions may have changed. Has your favorite slot won or lost an extra star? Give it a few spins to see if you agree with our ratings! For the first time, we have added half ratings to our reviews. Sometimes a full star of difference isn’t appropriate, so we split it to better express our feelings.

The world of web slot machines is always changing, and from time to time our information becomes outdated. Information, therefore, is subject to change. We’re working hard to keep out Slots Data fresh so that you can stay on top of the need-to-know details of what’s going on in the industry today. You may want to refer to our glossary of commonly-used slot machine terms for reference, or to our news section for the latest and most important information from the world of online casino gambling.

Ratings System

* – One star slots are real stinkers. Lousy gameplay and/or piddling jackpots are frequently seen in slots of this rating. Only a few titles have earned this dubious distinction, and you should play them at your own risk.

** – Two stars indicate a fair quality slot. We may have felt there were some problems marring the quality and lessening our enjoyment of the playing experience.

*** – Three star slots are perfectly average, the meat-and-potatoes games at the middle of the pack. Most titles will fall under this category. These games are fun, playable, and usually sport solid payouts.

**** – A four quality slot is excellent. Great graphics, hefty jackpots, and innovative themes and bonuses are all things we see in games of this rating. In other words, we feel that they bring something special to the table.

~*~ – This symbol notates a slot that has been selected as one of Slots Data’s Best of the Best. These top-notch pokies are the most entertaining, generous, and captivating titles available on the Web today, and are a treat for any player looking for a quality experience. We absolutely love these slots, and think that you will too!

Slot Name Software Jackpot Bonus? You might enjoy it if… Date Slots Data Rating
1 Armed Bandit Microgaming 20k …you’re a rugged cowboy who likes the simple pleasures. 10/2008 ***
5 Million Touchdown Vegas Tech 150k …you’re captivated by the thrill of the gridiron. 12/2008 ***1/2
5 Reel Circus Rival 7,500 …a visit to the Big Top is your idea of a great time. 11/2008 ***
5 Reel Drive Microgaming 100k …you’re a hot-roddin’ cool cat. 11/2008 ***
7 Oceans Microgaming 25k …you have been looking for a visually uncluttered oceanic slot. 11/2008 ***
Achilles RTG Progressive …you are obsessed with ancient civilizations and the title sucked you in. 10/2008 **
The Adventures of Galactic Gopher Microgaming 1,875 …you would like to play a quirky, high-quality pokey that pays out often. 10/2008 ***1/2
Age of Discovery Microgaming 3k …you have the heart of a conquistador. 12/2008 ***
Aladdin’s Lamp Cryptologic 5k …you’re willing to settle for a watered-down version of Disney’s Aladdin. 11/2008 **
Aladdin’s Wishes RTG 50k …you’ve ever wanted to take a magic carpet ride. 11/2008 ***
Alchemist’s Lab Playtech 10k …you want to make some precious metal of your own (at the online casino!). 10/2008 ~*~
Alien Hunter Playtech 1k …you believe that the truth is out there. 01/2009 ***
Alley Cats Microgaming 2,500 …you’ve ever had the urge to take your kitty bowling. 11/2008 ***
A Night Out Playtech 10k …you think sexy girls and slots are a winning combo. 02/2009 ***
As the Reels Turn 1 Rival 250 …you never miss your daily soaps. 11/2008 ~*~
As the Reels Turn 2 Rival 250 …you never miss your daily soaps. 11/2008 ~*~
As the Reels Turn 3 Rival 250 …you never miss your daily soaps. 11/2008 ~*~
Atomic Age Rival 2k …you can appreciate the skill and hard work that goes into the creation of a nice Jello mold. 12/2008 ****
Avalon Cryptologic 1,500 …the tale of King Arthur is your favorite. 02/2009 ***
Aztecs’ Millions RTG Progressive …you’re an anthropology buff. 02/2009 ***
Bars and Stripes Microgaming 50k …patriotism is your middle name. 03/2009 ***
Beach Babes Microgaming 2,500 …you’ll check your boogie board for cute chicks in bikinis. 03/2009 ***
Beach Party Vegas Tech 20k …you don’t mind a pretty humdrum title with weak theming. 10/2009 **
Bearly Fishing Microgaming 600 …you consider yourself an angler. 02/2009 ***
Belissimo Microgaming 100k …you loved your mama’s spaghetti and meatballs. 11/2009 ***
Bermuda Triangle Playtech 5k …unexplained natural phenomena freaks you out and fascinates you in equal measures. 02/2009 ***
Berry Flavors Top Game 30k …luscious berries are the sweet for you. 03/2009 ***
Big Break Microgaming 500 …you don’t mind a small jackpot to play with a sweet surf theme. 12/2008 ***
Birds of Paradise Vegas Tech 50k …you have a feathered friend of your very own. 10/2008 ***
Black Magic Vegas Tech 60k …you love a slot with plenty pf winning combinations! 10/2008 ****
Blade Cryptologic Progressive …you are a fan of the lethal vampire hunter. 10/2008 **1/2
Bluebeard’s Bounty Vegas Tech 15k …”yo ho ho” is your personal anthem. 10/2008 ***
Bob’s Bowling Bonanza Microgaming Progressive …you rock those mismatched alley shoes. 12/2008 ****
Bomber Girls Microgaming 2,500 …your dream girl is a pinup. 12/2008 ***1/2
Boogie Monsters Microgaming 2,500 …you still like disco, and having a “monstrous” good time! 12/2008 ***
Break da Bank Microgaming 60k …you are a novice safecracker. 11/2008 **
Burning Desire Microgaming 30k …you tend to think outside the box. 02/2009 ~*~
Cabin Fever Microgaming 5k …you’d prefer to sleep away the winter. 11/2008 ***
Captain America Cryptologic Progressive …you can hardly wait for Marvel to finish and release the movie. 10/2008 ***
Captain Cash Microgaming 100k …your standards are pretty low. (Skip it.) 10/2008 **
Captain Quid’s Treasure Chest Wager Works 4k …you are looking for a slot to commemorate National Talk Like a Pirate Day. 10/2008 ***
Carnaval Microgaming 5k …you have a feathered head dress in the closet somewhere. 11/2008 ***
Cashanova Microgaming 187,500 …all you need is some extra cash to become the cock of the walk. 10/2008 ****
Cashapillar Microgaming 120k …you love the challenge of playing lots of payline. And we do mean LOTS! 10/2008 ****
Cash Caboose Vegas Tech 50k …you have been looking for the online slot version of a Wild West showdown. 02/2009 ***
Cash Caper Cryptologic 48 …you like a classic slot with a little more bang for your buck. 02/2009 ***
Cash Splash Microgaming Progressive …you like the “tried and true” titles out there. 02/2009 ***
Cashville Microgaming 50k …all your favorite songs play on the country station. 02/2009 ****
Caesar Salad Cryptologic 75k …silly Roman slots are right up your alley. 11/2008 ***1/2
Casinomeister Cryptologic 200k …Casinomeister is bookmarked on your all-time favorites list. 12/2008 ****
Celtic Crown Microgaming 2,500 …you don’t mind another tired King Arthur knockoff. 11/2008 **
Chain Mail Microgaming 3k …silly Medieval slots get your blood pumping. 11/2008 ***
Cherry Blossoms Vegas Tech 12,500 …theming doesn’t matter to you so much as a nice jackpot. 10/2008 **
Chinese Kitchen Playtech 5k …nope. Never mind, you won’t. 10/2008 0 stars
Chocolate Factory Microgaming 16k …you’ve ever dreamed of living Willy Wonka’s life. 11/2008 ****
Cinerama Microgaming Progressive …old Hollywood romances make you swoon. 11/2008 ****
Cleopatra Vegas Tech 100k …you know how to walk like an Egyptian. 11/2008 ****
Cluedo Wager Works 125k …”Miss Scarlet in the library with the candlestick” means anything to you. 12/2008 ~*~
Coconut Grove Cryptologic 48k …you wouldn’t mind a lovely bunch of coconuts bursting with cash. 02/2009 ***
Computer Rage Cryptologic 25k …your work life ever resembles the movie “Office Space.” 02/2009 ****
Congo Bongo Cryptologic 30k …you go bananas for online slots. 02/2009 ***
Cool Bananas Vegas Tech 50k …you’re feeling a bit fruity. 02/2009 ***
Coral Cash Cryptologic Progressive …you’re a SCUBA certified adventurer looking for treasure. 12/2008 ***
Cosmic Quest Cryptologic 1,250 …you haven’t gotten your fill of cosmic-type slots somewhere else. 02/2009 ***
Coyote Cash RTG 50k …nighttime roams are your thing. 02/2009 ***
Crazy Chameleons Microgaming 50k …you don’t mind the creepier, crawlier members of the animal kingdom. 12/2008 ***
Crystal Waters RTG 20k …the sight of clear, blue oceans transports you to your personal happy place. 02/2009 ***
Cupid’s Arrow Vegas Tech 100k …you believe in love at first spin. 02/2009 ****
Curry in a Hurry Microgaming 4,500 …racist stereotypes and abysmal gameplay are your thing. 12/2008 *
Cutesy Pie Microgaming 25k …you can get past the saccharine Valentine’s theme. 12/2008 **
Dad’s Day In Cryptologic 120k …you have ever been the one at home with the kids while Mommy went to work! 12/2008 ****
Daily Horoscope Cryptologic 125k …the stars tell you to play. 12/2008 ****
Daredevil Cryptologic Progressive …you were a member of the Evil Knievel fan club. 10/2008 ****
Daredevil Dave Vegas Tech 100k …you’ve ever been inclined to jump through flaming hoops. 02/2009 ****
Da Vinci Diamonds Wager Works 2,500 …you ran out to buy Dan Brown’s new novel the day it was released. 02/2009 ***
Days of the Tsar Microgaming 2,500 …the mystery of Anastasia captivated you, and you long to someday visit the Kremlin. 02/2009 ***
Derby Dollars RTG 3,333 …you love a profitable day at the races. 12/2008 **
Desert Dreams Cryptologic 20k …you want a little more Tomb Raider and a little less Angelina Jolie in your life. 02/2009 ***
Diamond Dozen RTG 15k …you love a love story. 02/2009 ***
Diamond Valley Playtech Progressive …digging for treasure (or spinning for it!) fascinates you. 02/2009 ***
Dick Danger Microgaming 5k …you love a good old fashioned gumshoe mystery movie or novel. 11/2008 ****
Dino Delight Cryptologic 200k …you don’t mind a ho-hum entry in the overpopulated dinosaur slot genre. 12/2008 ***
Dino Might Microgaming 4k …Jurassic Park rocked your world! 12/2008 ****
Doctor Love Cryptologic Progressive …you have ever fantasized about getting a shot (of big cash!) from an amorous doc. 12/2008 ***
Dolphin King Cryptologic Progressive …you are enchanted by the beauty and grace of dolphins. 12/2008 ***
Dolphin Tale Microgaming 20k …you simply cannot get enough of those “under the sea” themed slots! 12/2008 ***
Double O’Cash Microgaming 5k …you like your slotside refreshments shaken, not stirred! 02/2009 ****
Dragon’s Loot Cryptologic 120k …mythical winged beasts are your passion, and big cash is your goal. 02/2009 ***1/2
Dragon Sword Microgaming 1k …you have a major yen for magic and fantasy. Otherwise, leave this one alone. 02/2009 **
Dr. Lovemore Playtech 10k …you have a bit of a medical fetish. 12/2008 ***
Dr. M. Brace Cryptologic 200k …you like a slyly clever theme with a racy edge, and PLENTY of big cash! 11/2008 ~*~
Elektra Cryptologic Progressive …the Jennifer Garner movie really got your engine revving. 10/2008 ***
Elementals Microgaming 2,500 …you get off on really bizarre slots that don’t offer much in the way of jackpot cash. But whatever floats your boat. 12/2008 **
Elvis: A Little More Action Wager Works 250k …a little less conversation, a little more cash is a the motto by which you live. 11/2008 ****
Elvis Multi-Strike Wager Works 200k …the reign of The King never ended, in your mind. 10/2008 ****
Enchanted Beans Cryptologic 100k …you would stare down a ferocious giant to score a golden egg of slot machine cash! 10/2008 ***
Enchanted Unicorn Wager Works 50k …the delicacy and magic of unicorns really appeals to you. 02/2009 ***
English Harbour Vegas Tech 50k …you are a frequent patron of the titular casino. 10/2008 ****
Evel Knievel Vegas Tech 20k …the legacy of the hero who jumped through burning hoops will never die in your heart! 01/2009 ****
Fame and Fortune RTG Progressive …you can’t keep your hands off the glossy tabloids at the supermarket! 02/2009 ***
Fandango’s Top Game 3k …you fantasize about stomping into an Old West saloon with spurs jingling, ready for a showdown! 02/2009 ***
Fantastic Four Cryptologic Progressive …you really, really like these characters – because otherwise this slot is pretty much a bust. 10/2008 **
Fantasy Realm Cryptologic 75k …you seek the beauty and grace of Middle Earth in your online slots. 02/2009 ***
Farming Fortunes Vegas Tech 25k (Omitted, because the editors can’t come up with anything witty to say about this ugly, unwieldy slot machine stinker!) 11/2008 *1/2
Fat Cat Vegas Tech 100k …Garfield is your favorite comic, and big cash is your thing. 11/2008 ****
Festive Fun Cryptologic 60k …you like to feel the Christmas spirit all year ’round! 12/2008 ****
First Past the Post Microgaming * …horseracing season is your favorite time of year! 11/2008 ***
Five Dollar Shake Playtech 10k …you don’t mind being just as taken advantage of as by the “five dollar shake” of the title. 11/2008 **
Fish ‘n Chips Cryptologic 5k …you think that generous slot payouts go as well with the titular dinner as salt and vinegar! 10/2008 ~*~
Flaming Fortunes Parlay 2k …a tiny jackpot doesn’t automatically turn you off. 01/2009 ***
Flo’s Diner Microgaming 24k …you can’t start your Sunday morning without pancakes and eggs at your favorite greasy spoon. 12/2008 ***
Flower Power Microgaming 25k …you still get a bit misty for the bygone days of love beads and peace signs. 10/2008 ***1/2
Flying Circus Microgaming 2,500 …you always harbored a dream of running away to become a trapeze star. 01/2009 ****
Forbidden Fruit Cryptologic 5k …you’d brave the forbidden to get some fruity cash! 11/2008 **
For Love & Money Rival 1,275 …you know that the course of true love seldom runs smooth, but could fall head over heels with some big cash! 02/2009 ***
Free Kick Cryptologic 25k …Pele is your personal athletic hero of all time. 12/2008 ***
Frost Bite Microgaming 8k …the chill of winter is a welcome blessing to your days! 12/2008 ****
Frozen Assets RTG 1,250 …you can handle the cold. Brrr! 12/2008 ***
Fruit Mania Playtech Progressive …you don’t mind staring at a fruit basket to win a nice progressive pot! 12/2008 ***
Funhouse Microgaming 100k …a huge jackpot is your idea of “fun” indeed! 11/2008 ****
Funky Monkey RTG 12k …you just can’t stop your dancing shoes. 01/2009 ***
Gemstone Playtech 10k …precious stones liek ruby and sapphire really get your blood pumping! 11/2008 ***
Genie’s Gems Microgaming 50k …you wish you could be like Aladdin! 12/2008 ***
Get Cracking Parla 25k …you’ve ever imagined the glamor of a life of crime. 01/2009 ****
Ghost Rider Cryptologic 50k …the Nicholas Cage movie depicts your very favorite Marvel anti-hero. 10/2008 ****
Gift Rap Microgaming 3k …the exploits of some rappin’, rhymin’ elves are enough to get your funk going. 12/2008 ***
Gladiator Microgaming 1k …you own the Russell Crowe film and watch it on a regular basis. 11/2008 ****
Gobblers Gold Rival 1,875 …Turkey day is your favorite holiday! Gobble gobble! 11/2008 ***
Goblin’s Cave Playtech 5k …frequent payouts are your personal kryptonite. 10/2008 ***
Goblin’s Gold Microgaming 30k …you’d venture into a goblin’s cave for some treasure! 10/2008 ****
Goldbeard RTG 25k …you like the concept of the Bluebeard legend with an online slot spin! 01/2009 ***
Golden8 Slotland Progressive …Slotland progressives really ring your bell. 11/2008 ***
Golden Dragon Microgaming 100k …you are captivated by Eastern mythology. 10/2008 ****
Golden Glove RTG 25k …all you need is some peanuts and Cracker Jack to seriously consider relocation. 02/2009 ***
Golden Goose – Genie’s Gems Microgaming 1,600 …you have ever wished seriously for a magic lamp to appear in your life. 02/2009 ***
Golden Retriever RTG Progressive ….you believe that Lassie is man’s best friend! 02/2009 ***
Golden Tour Playtech 10k …you wield a formidable golf club, and know how to use it! 11/2008 ****
Gone With The Wind Party Casino 100k …Margaret Mitchell’s tour de force about the last days of belles and beaus is enough to make your weep, and you dream of meeting your very own Rhett Butler someday. 02/2009 ****
Good To Go Microgaming 5k …you have a major case of the racecar ya-yas. 11/2008 ****
The Grand Circus Microgaming 1k …you can get past the huge bet-to-jackpot disparity. 02/2009 ***
Grandma’s Attic Rival 3,750 …digging through piles of musty junk in the hopes of unearthing antique treasure is your idea of an excellent Sunday afternoon. 12/2008 ***
Great Blue Playtech 250k …a huge jackpot can redeem a fairly humdrum deep-sea slot for your consideration. 03/2009 ***
Gypsy Queen Microgaming 2k …you can be made superstitious by a wagon cart and a deck of cards. 02/2009 ***
Halloweenies Microgaming 6,500 …a cute Halloween slot sounds just about right to you. 10/2008 ****
Halloween Magic Slotland Progressive …you have a beating heart. This Halloween-themed Slotland title is one of our favorites for a bit of that titular Halloween magic all year long. 10/2008 ~*~
The Hamsteads Cryptologic 2,500 …you have a pet hammie that you love. A lot. 11/2008 **
Happy New Year Microgaming 60k …you know all the words to Auld Lang Syne, and not just the chorus mumbled over a round of champagne. 01/2009 ***1/2
Harvey’s Microgaming 500 …yikes, you won’t. This is one weirdo slot game, make no (steak) bones about it. 11/2008 *1/2
Haunted House Playtech 9k …next Halloween just can’t come soon enough to make your spooky heart happy. 10/2008 ***
The High Life Microgaming 3k …you harbor your own dreams of making it to the high life – just know that you won’t do it by winning this slot game! 01/2009 **
Hillbillies RTG 35k …you still have affection for the less refined members of society. 02/2009 ***
Hitman Microgaming 1k …you’ve played and enjoyed the hit video game, and want to play a great slot adaptation. 02/2009 ****
Hobo’s Hoard Rival 7,500 …you’d rob a homeless dude for his money. Like a hobo, this slot game doesn’t carry much. 12/2008 **
Ho Ho Ho Microgaming 1,750 …you plan on having a spot on Santa’s “nice” list this year! 12/2008 ***1/2
The Hulk Cryptologic Prog ..the not-so-jolly green giant of Marvel fame is one of your favorite characters. 10/2008 ****
Hulk Fruit Machine Cryptologic 5k …you love a unique and fun slot, regardless of licensing arrangements! 10/2008 ****1/2
Hulk Ultimate Revenge Cryptologic Progressive …two others Hulk games are not enough for you, and you need one more. 10/2008 ***1/2
Iron Man Cryptologic Progressive …the hero (alter ego: billionaire Tony Stark) is one of your childhood favorites. 10/2008 ****
Isis Microgaming 15k …you’d like to win a goddess’s ransom! 11/2008 ****
Jackpot Pinatas RTG Progressive …clicking through virtual internet slots is much better than smacking a papier-mâché donkey in your estimation. 10/2008 ****
Jacques Pot Gourmet Rival 125 …you’re a whiz in the kitchen, but don’t need to buy more than a few cheap ingredients. 12/2008 ***
Jade Idol Cryptologic 50k …you have an affinity for Asian-themed slots with decent payouts. 12/2008 ***
Jellyfish Jaunt Microgaming 2,125 …you’d brave the tentacles of a man-o-war to win some cash. 11/2008 ****
Jeopardy Wager Works 25k …you love to watch the theme show hosted by Alex Trebek, and have been known to rack up a higher at-home score than the contestants! 11/2008 ~*~
Jewel Thief Microgaming 30k …the bank heist slot theme is a winner in your personal book. 10/2008 ***
Jonny Specter Microgaming 150 …you like a feisty cartoon spin-off, even if it does not pay out much. 02/2009 ***
Karat Crazy Parlay 5k …you are crazy for diamonds, but don’t expect to win any playing the slots. 11/2008 **1/2
King Kong Cryptologic 15k …that giant ape has won your heart, and you are ready to meet him on your computer screen! 02/2009 ~*~
Klondike Fever Vegas Tech 50k …the name “Klondike” means more to you than chocolate-covered ice cream. 11/2008 ***
Lady of the Orient Microgaming 2,500 …you like a sleek and well-designed slot with a modest payout. 02/2009 ****
The Last King of Egypt Vegas Tech 90k …you’ll sacrifice theming for a rich payout worthy of a pharoah. 02/2009 ***
Legacy Microgaming 60k …you think that substance is worth more than style. 11/2008 **
Liquid Gold Microgaming 25k …you ‘d like to play a slot game that is literally dripping in richness. 01/2009 **
Little Chief Big Cash Microgaming 3k …you don’t mind tired stereotypes and lousy payouts. 02/2009 **
Little Master Cryptologic 100k …a fat payout and an awesome Karate Kid-esque theme can make you hear your personal theme music. 01/2009 ****
Loaded Microgaming 3,500 …you don’t mind that the payout doesn’t exactly live up to the title of this online slot machine game. 02/2009 ***1/2
Lotto Madness Playtech 100k …you play “your” numbers weekly in the hopes of winning a life-changing amount of cash, but would settle for a slots fortune! 02/2009 ****
Lucky Lagoon Vegas Tech 100k …diving for treasure is your idea of paradise. 12/2008 ****
Lucky Shot Microgaming 7,500 …you hit every spin of the reels with your best shot! 02/2009 ***
Lucky Stars Microgaming 2,500 …you have your own lucky star, which you wish on to win your favorite pokies! 02/2009 ****
Mad Hatters Microgaming 20k …you might use your slot winnings to purchase a chapeau or two! 10/2008 ***
Mad Professor Cryptologic 20k …you like to cook up a few experiments of your own – money-making experiments, that is! 10/2008 ***
Magic Slotland Progressive …you consistently fall for the “magic” of Slotland’s unique and money-making online slot titles. 11/2008 ****
Magic Monkey Vegas Tech 60k …you’d follow a swingin’ simian through the treetops to win some serious coin! 02/2009 ***1/2
Mah Jong Madness Vegas Tech 25k …you love this traditional Asian gambling pastime, which is not dissimilar to dominoes. 02/2009 ****1/2
Major Moolah Rival Progressive …you don’t mind a knockoff of Mega Moolah, with much less flash and cash. 02/2009 **
Mardi Gras Fever Microgaming 100k …laissez les bon temps rouler is your life philosophy, and Fat Tuesday can never come soon enough. 02/2009 ****
Mark of Medusa Microgaming 2,500 …you’d brave the stony glare of the legendary gorgon for a shot at some mythical cash. 12/2008 ***
Martian Money Microgaming 100k …you want to win some out-of-this-world cash! 10/2008 ***
Masquerade Ball Cryptologic 125k …dressing up in a beautiful costume is your idea of a lovely party. 12/2008 ****
Medal Tally RTG 200k …you simply can’t wait to see the Winter Olympics. 02/2009 ~*~
Mega Moolah Microgaming Progressive …you like money. Big, heaping gobs of it. Oh, and animals. 02/2009 ~*~
Mermaid Millions Microgaming 7,500 …you always wanted to swim below the waves like Ariel and her sisters. 12/2008 ****
Mermaid Queen RTG 37,500 …you still love the magic of fairy tales. 12/2008 ***
Millionaire’s Lane Playtech 500k …you’d like to work your way up to the (imaginary) Millionaire’s Lane yourself! 02/2009 ****
Mister Money RTG 25k …you wouldn’t mind having enough bankroll to be called Mister Money yourself! 02/2009 ***
Money Shot Vegas Tech 100k …you imagine that every roll of the online slot reel could be your very own money shot! 02/2009 ****
Monopoly Here and Now Wager Works 50k …you think that building hotels on Park Place and the Boardwalk with the chance to win a jackpot is even better than doing so on a board game! 02/2009 ****1/2
Monster Mania Microgaming 10k …you go crazy for the monster mash! 10/2008 ***
Moonshine Microgaming 8k …you have even taken a swig of the ol’ hooch yourself! 02/2009 ***
Mr. Rich Cryptologic Progressive …you would like a cute spoof of the old Richie Rich title. 12/2008 ***
Muchos Grandes Microgaming 4,500 …usted se habla espanol, y quiera ganar mucho dinero. 02/2009 ***
Munchkins Microgaming 7,500 …you are captivated by quirky and offbeat slot machine titles. 12/2008 ****
My Slot Microgaming 10k …you are always up on the latest innovations, and love the idea of an online slot with no paylines! 02/2009 ~*~
Naughty Ninjas Vegas Tech 200k …cute girls in ninja costumes is a combination that you think cannot be beat! 02/2009 ***1/2
A Night Out Playtech 10k …a night out on the town is the cure for all your troubles. 02/2009 ****
Northern Lights Cryptologic Progressive …you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the aurora borealis in person. 12/2008 ***
Ocean Princess Playtech 5k …the marvels of the deep blue sea are a source of fascination and delight to you. 11/2008 ***
One Million Reels BC Rival Progressive …you like a mixture of tongue-in-cheek Hollywood spoofs and big cash! 01/2009 ****
Opulence Wizard Gaming Progressive …you have really low standards for what constitutes “opulence.” 02/2009 **
Orient Express Vegas Tech 21k …eh, you won’t. This slot suffers from “Racism isn’t cute, and not a shortcut for an actual slot theme” syndrome. 10/2008 *
The Osbournes Microgaming 7,500 …you sometimes wish that the Price of Darkness and his dysfunctional brood were still on the air. 11/2008 ****
Outta Space Adventure Cryptologic 120k …you like quirky treatments of classic slot themes with the potential for winning some galactic cash! 02/2009 ****
Paradise Dreams RTG 25k …a winning slot game is something like your own Garden of Eden. 02/2009 ***
Paris Beauty RTG 22,500 …you believe that French is the true language of love. 02/2009 ***
Party Line Playtech 20k …you won’t. Unless you like really dull slots with absolutely no attention to gameplay and a deadly boring set of graphics. 11/2008 *
Penguin Power RTG 25k …these cute, waddling creatures are dear to you. 02/2009 ***
Phantom of the Opera RTG Progressive …you’ve been captivated by an “angel of music,” heard the “music of the night,” and passed “the point of no return.” 10/2008 ~*~
Picnic Panic Cryptologic 150k …a delightful summer afternoon lazing around outdoors is just like heaven to you. 01/2009 ~*~
Pigskin Payout Rival 7,500 …you are perpetually read for some football! 02/2009 ***
Pinocchio RTG 200k …the story of the sweet puppet who wanted to be a real boy can still warm your heart. 11/2008 ****
Platinum Pyramid Cryptologic 35k …you’d like to own some precious metal of your own! 12/2008 ***
Polar Bash Microgaming 6k …you’d like to party with the polar bears and win some cash! 12/2008 ***
Polar Pioneers Microgaming 300k …going on an Alaskan cruise has always been one of your lifetime dreams. 02/2009 ****
Pollen Nation Microgaming 3k …you like a sweet slot game that’s buzzing with cash. 10/2008 ***1/2
Porky Payout Microgaming 7,500 …pigs are your very favorite animal. 02/2009 ***
Prime Property Microgaming 1,500 …the ups and downs of the real estate market are a source of endless fascination to you. 12/2008 ****
Prince of Sherwood RTG 25k …you’d like Robin Hood to give you some of his purloined cash. 02/2009 ***
Princess Jewels Vegas Tech 100k …you’ll happily trade a really gaudy and tacky clunker of a slot machine game for the promise of some big cash. 12/2008 *
The Punisher Cryptologic Progressive …the Thomas Jayne Marvel adaptation is one of your favorites. 10/2008 ****
Queen of Hearts Vegas Tech 20k …the scheming monarch was always your favorite character in the Wonderland series. 11/2008 ***
Quest for Beer Microgaming 10k …a good lager can just make your entire day. 02/2009 ***
Quest of Kings Cryptologic 160k …you’d love to take an epic adventure, just like the princes of yore. 02/2009 ***1/2
Rags To Riches Cryptologic 267k …you’d love to be the star of your very own “rags to riches” story. 02/2009 ***
Rainbow’s End Microgaming 500 …you are the type who chases rainbows in the hopes of discovering a leprechaun’s ransom in gold! 12/2008 ***
Rain Dance RTG 25k …you appreciate the complexity and beauty of Native American art, folklore, and rituals. 02/2009 ***
Rajah’s Rubies Cryptologic 2k ..the glamour and romance of life in the Middle East makes your heart sing. 02/2009 ****
Rapunzel RTG Progressive …you love long, flowing locks and big money jackpots! 10/2008 ~*~
Realm of Riches RTG 50k …you play the slots in the hope of unlocking the door to a realm of riches for your very own visitation! 02/2009 ***
Red Planet Cryptologic 40k …you faithfully follow the latest NASA news and are fascinated by the concept of space travel. 11/2008 ****
Red Sands RTG 25k …you’d brave the arid miles of the desert wilderness to win some big cash! 02/2009 ***
Reel Baron Microgaming 1k …the image of the Red Baron is one that has always intrigued you, or you simply enjoy Microgaming slots. 02/2009 ***
The Reel Deal Vegas Tech 100k …you are looking for the “reel deal” of online slots – a game that is enjoyable, very replayable, and packed with a fat jackpot full of slot cash. 02/2009 ****
Reel of Fortune Rival 150 …you don’t mind a slot machine that doesn’t pay out monster piles of cash if it is fun to play and sports an excellent theme. 02/2009 ***
Reel Renovations Cryptologic 100k …you get a kick out of those home-renovation shows on TLC, and would like the money to fund your own extreme home makeover. 02/2009 ~*~
Reels Royce Microgaming 80k …shiny cars and the luxury lifestyle are what you dream of. 11/2008 ***
The Right Prize Vegas Tech 3k …you could never skip past an episode of The Price is Right when you were watching TV. Also, if you are interested in trying out one of our favorite online slots of all time! 02/2009 ~*~
Rings and Roses Microgaming 60k …you are the type to use your slot jackpot winnings on lover’s tokens for that special someone in your life. 11/2008 ***
Roamin’ Gnome Cryptologic 1k …you find those creepy garden gnomes to me somewhat endearing. 12/2008 ****
Rocking Robin Vegas Tech 50k …you love to hear the robin go tweet-tweet-tweet too. 02/2009 ***
Rock the Boat Microgaming 8k …you won’t “rock the boat” over a small jackpot. 10/2008 ***
Ronin RTG 50k …the culture of the samurai has always fascinated you, 02/2009 ***
Ruby Reels Microgaming 100k …you are aiming to play only those slot games offering a big enough jackpot to buy some precious stones for your collection. 11/2008 ***
Rudolph’s Revenge RTG Progressive …you have an offbeat sense of humor. This slightly weird slot game might not appeal to you otherwise! 02/2009 ****
Safari Vegas Tech 100k …seeing beautiful animals in their natural habitat fills your heart with joy. 02/2009 ****
Safecracker Playtech Progressive …you would bust open a bank vault for the riches within. 02/2009 ***
Salsa Cryptologic Progressive …a touch of the picante improves any meal in your esteem. 12/2008 ***
Samurai 777 Microgaming 30k …you’ll spin the reels of a thoroughly uninspired and dull; pokey for a shot at a middling jackpot. 11/2008 **
Santa Paws Microgaming 2k …a cutesy Christmas slot sounds like it’s right up your alley. 11/2008 ****
Scary Rich Rival 2,500 …you aim to be “scary rich” some day yourself. (Although it won’t happen on this particular slot, sorry to say.) 10/2008 ****
Secret Admirer Microgaming 5k …you have always loved the idea of having someone to write you secret love letters. 12/2008 ***
Secret Garden Rival 5k …the story by Francis Hodgeson Burnett is one of your favorites. 10/2008 ***
Sevens Ablaze Parlay 1k …you like classic slots. Even if they are boring and pretty stingy. 03/2009 **
The Shark RTG Progressive …you like slots in which animals play the roles pf certain stereotypes. 12/2008 ***
Sherlock Holmes RTG Progressive …you can’t wait for the new movie about this intrepid Victorian detective. 02/2009 ***
Shiver Me Feathers Microgaming 1,500 …pirate birds are an amusing concept to you. 01/2009 ****
Shopping Spree Cryptologic Progressive* …a shopping spree can turn your frown upside down faster than most anything else. 11/2008 ~*~
Silent Screen Cryptologic 100k …you love the old silent movies featuring the great luminaries of yesterday’s Hollywood. 12/2008 ***
Silver Kiss Slotland Progressive …you are so excited by the thought/sight of naked girls that you don’t carry what kind of crappy slot you are playing. (In which case you probably aren’t old enough to play legally, let’s be honest.) 10/2008 *
Silver Star Cryptologic 100k …big-jackpot slots are those you look for. 12/2008 ****
Silver Surfer Cryptologic Progressive …this companion of the Fantastic Four is one of your favorites. 10/2008 ****
Sirens Cryptologic Progressive …you tend to fall for beautiful, dangerous women. 01/2009 ***
Sir Winsalot Microgaming 250 …a slot with a teeny-tiny jackpot is worth frequent payouts and a fun time, in your opinion. 01/2009 ****
Skull Duggery Microgaming 12k …you know that pirates trump ninjas every time. 10/2008 ****
Sneak a Peek – Doctor Doctor Microgaming 1k …you like playing doctor. Oh, and slots that give you something nice to look at while you are spinning the reels! 12/2008 ~*~
Sneak a Peek – Hunky Heroes Microgaming 1k …you can’t get enough of those beefcake calendars featuring firefighters and policeman. 12/2008 ~*~
Snow Honeys Microgaming 2k …the colder weather makes you want to cuddle up with a cutie wearing next to nothing. 12/2008 ****
So 80’s Rival 1,250 …you look back on the days of acid-washed jeans, home perms, and neon windbreakers with nostalgia. 12/2008 **
Spell Bound Microgaming 30k …you want to fall under the “spell” of a top-notch, brilliant online slot. 11/2008 ~*~
Spider-Man Cryptologic Progressive …the superhero also known as Peter Parker is your all-time favorite, and you love the Cryptologic line of hero slots with built-in progressive jackpots. 10/2008 ***
Spider-Man Revelations Cryptologic Progressive …you want to play a really exceptional Spidey slot. 02/2009 ****
Sports Night Microgaming 1,750 …your TV is always set to ESPN, and you rattle off NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL statistics like nobody’s business. 02/2009 **
Star Catcher Cryptologic 2,500 …you have ever dreamt of catching a shoooting star. 10/2008 ****
Starscape Microgaming 70k …you want to play an outer space slot agem with out-of-this-world slot winnings. 10/2008 ***
Stash of the Titans Microgaming 10k …the foibles of the Greek pantheon always amused you, and you wouldn’t mind a shot at some Olympian cash! 02/2009 ****
The Sub-Mariner Cryptologic Progressive …you like the more obscure superheroes, who maybe don’t get as much attention but are truly as cool as their much more popular peers. 02/2009 ***
Summertime Microgaming 10k …the warmest months of the year are your favorites. 12/2008 ***
Sumo Vegas Tech 50k …fat guys in diapers plowing into one another doesn’t disturb you as a thought of entertainment. 11/2008 ***
The Sub-Mariner Cryptologic Progressive …you like the more obscure superheroes, who maybe don’t get as much attention but are truly as cool as their much more popular peers. 02/2009 ***
Sunday Afternoon Classics Cryptologic 60k …finding an old classic movie on TV on a Sunday afternoon pretty much guarantees that you won’t be getting much done! 02/2009 ****
Sunken Ships Vegas Tech 20k …you love the tragedy and romance of stories of ships that perished at sea and are currently residing on the bottom of the ocean. 11/2008 ****
Sunken Treasure RTG 25k …diving deep for priceless treasure hidden in the ocean’s depths is something that you want to do in your lifetime. 02/2009 ***
Sunset Showdown Microgaming 1,875 …your idea of conflict resolution involves a sunset dual standoff. 01/2009 ****
Supe It Up Microgaming 2,500 …you enjoy working on cars, especially when your efforts go towards making the car move faster. 01/2009 ***
Supermarket Vegas Tech 100k …you think that one hundred thousand dollars can really take the boringness out of a routine visit to the grocery store! 01/2009 ****
Sure Win Microgaming 1,750 …you understand that no slot is a “sure win,” but love the horse-racing theme regardless. 02/2009 ***
Sweet Surprise 7Spins Progressive …you consider a great jackpot to be a sweet surprise indeed. 12/2008 ****
Sweet Thing Cryptologic 60k …you can’t resist candies, cookies, cakes… or a really well-made slot game with a tasty jackpot! 10/2008 ***
Take the Helm Vegas Tech 50k …you love boating, and love well-designed slots with tidy payouts even more. 12/2008 ****1/2
Tally Ho RTG 50k …the sound of hooves pounding the dirt fills you with glee and the thrill of anticipation. 02/2009 ***
Texas Tea Playtech 10k …you’ve considered randomly drilling in your backyard to search for the oilwell that will make you a billionaire. 10/2008 ****
Thai Sunrise Cryptologic 120k …your dreams take you to exotic destinations where you can soak in the beauty of foreign surroundings. 11/2008 ***
Thai Sunrise [II] Cryptologic 120k …your dreams take you to exotic destinations where you can soak in the beauty of foreign surroundings. 02/2009 **
Thor Cryptologic Progressive …you want to hit a slot jackpot like the hammer of a god. One specific god, to be exact. 10/2008 ****
The Three Stooges RTG Progressive …the dopey exploits of Larry, Curly, and Moe still make you guffaw after all these years. A top-of-the-line slot, whether you are a fan of the classic comic trio or not. 02/2009 ~*~
Three Times the Riches Parlay 50k …you play the online slots in the hopes that someday you too will be able to triple your wealth. 11/2008 **
Thrill Seekers Vegas Tech 5k …rollercoasters, bungee jumps, and any other kinds of hair-raising diversion are right up your alley. 12/2008 ~*~
Thunder From Down Under Cryptologic 8k …sexy guys shaking their groove thangs really get your bloody pumping. 12/2008 ***
Thunderstruck Microgaming 3k …you are an avid student of world mythology . 12/2008 ****
Tiger Treasures RTG 18k …these beautiful striped beats are some of your favorite members of the animal kingdom. 02/2009 ***
Time Machine Cryptologic 100k …you’ve ever dreamt up a harebrained scheme to go back in time and rack up some serious cash. 12/2008 ****
Tomb Raider – Secrets of the Sword Microgaming 1,500 …the gorgeous Lara Croft is exactly your type of gal. 12/2008 ****
Track and Field Mouse Microgaming 5k …cute animals running track have the ability to entertain you. Not exactly a thrilling slot by any means, but you can’t argue with Microgaming’s talent for making solid slots. 02/2009 ***
Travel Bug Rival 1,250 …you have been bitten by the titular travel bug, and want to win a little something to start a vacation fund with. 11/2008 ****
Treasure of Isis Cryptologic 200k …you want a shot at a jackpot worthy of a goddess. 01/2009 ****
Trick or Treat [1] Vegas Tech 24k …candy isn’t the only kind of treat you want to gather this Halloween. 10/2008 ***
Trick or Treat [2] Microgaming 80k …the spirit of Halloween lasts all year long for you. 10/2008 ****
Trust Fund Baby Wizard Progressive …you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but wouldn’t mind life as a born-again trust fund baby. 02/2009 ***
Tunzamunni Microgaming Progressive …you want to win… wait for it… tunzamunni on one of Microgaming’s signature progressive titles. 02/2009 ***1/2
Turkey Time Vegas Tech 60k …the end of November is not the end of “Turkey Time” for you. 11/2008 ***
Twin Samurai Microgaming 1,250 …you want to bow to the master if the sizeable Asian warrior oeuvre of online slots. 12/2008 ~*~
Twister Microgaming 7,500 …natural disasters have always kind of fascinated you, and you love slots with frequent wins. 12/2008 ****
Ultimate Fighters Playtech 25k …the adrenaline rush of a good fight can’t be beat, in your opinion. 10/2008 ****
untitled Slotsjam holiday flash game None (50) …you are looking for a fun, free way to brush up your slot playing skills and get a feel for the game. 11/2008 ***
Vampire Bats Cryptologic 60k …you’d brave a flock of supernatural bloodsuckers to grab at a fat jackpot. 10/2008 ****
The Vegas Party Vegas Tech 45k …the thought of a bash in Vegas is entertainment enough to make up for a fairly disappointing slot title. 12/2008 **
Victory RTG 50k …you are a history buff looking for some cash to expand your collection of war memorabilia. 02/2009 ***
Vinyl Countdown Microgaming 2k …you had an impressive collection of 45s back in the day. 12/2008 ****
Warlock’s Spell RTG 200k …big-money slots have the power to put you under a “spell.” 10/2008 ****
Wasabi-San Microgaming 7,500 …you can handle quite a bit of the spicy stuff. 12/2008 ****
Watch The Birdie Rival 375 …you love your feathered friends. 02/2009 ***
Western Wildness Rival 125 …you feel more at home at a saloon than your local watering hole. 02/2009 **
What on Earth Microgaming 15k …you never consider playing the slots to be a black hole for your cash. 10/2008 ****
What’s Your Sign? Vegas Tech 100k …you check your horoscope every day to see if a massive jackpot win is what’s written in the stars for you today. 11/2008 ~*~
Wheel of Cash Rival 1,250 …you’d like to spin the wheel of cash, in the form of a great slot machine title. 02/2009 ****
Winter Wonderland Vegas Tech 50k …you’d love to walk in a winter wonderland with your sweetie… you just lack the cash to do it! 11/2008 ****
Winter Wonders Rival 5k …the first snow of the year is a time to celebrate for you. 11/2008 ****
Witches & Warlocks Cryptologic 100k …creepy slots are what you really love to play. 10/2008 ****
Witch Dr. Microgaming 7,500 …you’d be willing to face off against a spooky witch for Halloween treasure! 11/2008 ****
Witches Wealth Microgaming 3k …your love of Halloween lasts all year long. 10/2008 ****
Wolf Run Wager Works 1k …you were always more of a Team Jacob fan than Team Edward. 12/2008 **
Wolverine Cryptologic 15k …the titanium-clawed hero is one of your best-loved characters of all time. 10/2008 ****
WOW Pot Microgaming Progressive …you really, really love Progressive slots – no matter what else is going on with these titles. 12/2008 **
X Marks The Spot Vegas Tech 40k …you love digging for treasure! 02/2009 ***
X-Men Cryptologic 37,500 …the spirited students of Professor Xavier’s school are some of your favorite superheroes. 10/2008 ****
Zany Zebras Microgaming 60k …these cute, striped animals are some of your favorite to visit at the zoo. 11/2008 ****
Zone of the Zombies Cryptologic 30k …movies like Resident evil and Dawn of the Dead are some of your favorites. 10/2008 ~*~

# – All jackpot values are given in U.S. dollars (USD, $) unless otherwise noted.

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