Leander Games slots is a hotshot software developer

Top-of-the-class software is always one of the main driving strengths of any great casino. A game’s software determines its graphics and audio class. More importantly, the software controls the quality of the game play, including player support. Leander Games, which was founded and located in Buenos Aires, has been developing premium software for casinos since 2008.

Even though it is somewhat a young company, it had made it its mission to give the more established software-developing companies a good competition. The term “Leander” means “lionlike man,” acknowledging the strength and hard work contributed by the company’s employees for its success. The company is made up of individuals with diverse background expertise such as music, software development, math, script writing and gaming psychology, making for an ideal group to develop high-class software.

Company Operations

Leander Games has various betting matches. Their trademark is the Reely series made up of Reely Poker, Reely Slots, Reely Bingo, Reely Roulette and Reely Caribbean Stud Poker. All these are downloadable on mobile and available in instant play versions. The company’s numerous titles are in Spanish because it increasingly aims for the rapidly growing Latino consumer market. Recently, the company signed a landmark deal of exclusive licensing with Megadeth. All the band members and their corresponding instruments star in Leander Games slots, including the band’s mascot Vic Rattlehead. The Leander Games slot is using the band’s greatest hits as background music. Other Leander Games slots also feature high-quality audio-video layout and great game play.

Casino Partnerships

These days, there is an increasing number of casinos making a partnership with Leander, more primarily with Leander Games slots. This can be done through GTS and OpenBet or through Lega for direct integration. Customer support is also equally impressive. The company is additionally known to apply gaming psychology in their products so they can offer players the game best fit for their needs.


Since Leander is still relatively new, it still does not have an extensive game catalog as compared to the more established companies. But the company is constantly working to improve on this aspect. They are continually developing more games and partnering with casinos to increase market awareness of their products.

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