Cambodia Gets Slots

VendingData Corporation is back in the news again with the delivery of 450 slots to three different venues in Cambodia. Their partner Elixir Group Limited has delivered the agreements for the slots, and they will be located in the Lucky Diamond Casino in Siem Reap, the Tin Tin Slot Club in Phnom Penh and the Comfort Slot Club which is also located in Phnom Penh.

The company announced last week that there would be agreements delivered for slots in the Philippines, and this is the second round of slots agreements to come into the country. They now have 824 slots agreements based on the Stock Purchase and Product Participation that was signed between Elixir and VendingData this past June.

The slots will be delivered and installed in total over the next couple of weeks, and once they are up and running they will start paying revenue to VendingData. THe company will get 20% of the net daily win for each of the slots, and they now represent 100% of the gaming floor. VendingData will issue Elixir 25 million shares of their common stock once the first 1,000 slots are delivered to the market.

The CEO of Elixir said that this was representative of not just the second market for them to place slots, but it also showed the amount of progress that their company was making in the Asian market, and that this was the perfect agreement for their company. The CEO of VendingData concurred, saying that they are pleased with the progress that they are making, and they will keep people updated as to their progress in the arena.

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