PactGames Expanding

Pacific Net’s subsidiary, PactGames, is pleased to announce that they have signed a deal with a gaming firm in Cambodia to bring in slots to the country. The company has been working on the revenue sharing agreement for some time now, and in different areas of the world. The company is pleased with their latest venture and knows that they are infiltrating Cambodia at the best possible time.

Under the terms of the agreement, PactGames will be able to bring in slots to Cambodia over the next two years – with the majority of them coming in next year. They will be able to bring in B&M slots as well as virtual baccarat, bingo, poker, etc. They will also be able to offer mobile gaming and online slots, etc. with the new deal.

The president of the company says that they are sure that this will be a good move for them as they see it having “much potential in terms of returns” for their company. As Cambodia only legalized gambling ten years ago, Pacific Net is truly going into uncharted waters and is bringing the whole kit and caboodle with them.

With the company able to bring in their slots and online slots games, etc. to the country, they will be able to significantly strengthen their presence in Asia, where it has been working at getting a foot hold for some time now. They already have more than 300 engineers working on slots technology, and this move will enable them to expand even further.

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