It’s time to test your knowledge with our short Slot Machine quiz. These are fun and informative questions that any slot player should know. Take the quiz and see how you do!

Question One: What is an RNG?

Answer: The RNG is a random number generator that cycles through possible combinations.

Question Two: What is payback percentage?

Answer: This is the amount of money the machine will return over the course of time.

Question Three: What is a reel?

Answer: A reel is the mechanic or virtual wheel that holds stops (blanks and symbols) and spins around.

Question Four: What is an age old name used for slot machines?

Answer: One Armed Bandits!

Question Five: If a slot machine has a 95% payback percentage, what is the Hold?

Answer: 5%. The hold is the amount of money the house makes.

Question Six: What is a payline?

Answer: The payline is the line that players must line up specific symbols on to get paid.

Question Seven: What is a payout table?

Answer: The payout table tells players what they will be paid for lining up specific combinations.

Question Eight: What casino game is the most fun to play?

Answer: I hope you said slots!

Question Nine: What is a progressive slot machine?

Answer: One that’s hooked up to a progressive jackpot.

Question Ten: What’s the best site for slot players?

Answer: Why, it’s of course!

How did you do? If you scored 9-10 right, you are a slots master. If you scored 7-8, you are a slots enthusiast. If you scored 5-6, you are a slots apprentice. If you scored 0-4, you are a slots beginner. Want to play free online slots?