Slot Terms You Need to Know: Volume 30

Pay Table: This is a crucial section of any slot machine that lets you know who much you could win. The pay table usually shows the symbols for each winning combination and lets you know how much you will win for that combination. This is also the section of the device that tells you if there are any bonuses and what they are.

Progressive Jackpot: There are some slot machine jackpots that stay static. Regardless of how much money is in the machine or how many people have been playing it, the device will always pay out the exact same top prize. A progressive slot machine jackpot, however, gets accordingly bigger with every bet that goes in. The more coins taken in by the device, the more money that is awarded as the top prize when the machine hits. In a land-based casino, you are likely to find individual progressive machines that grow jackpots based on how much action is seen by that particular machine. Many online casinos operated by the same software provider, however, will feature a multiple progressive jackpot that consists of several devices linked together into one cumulative jackpot. Online progressives can feature the bets of several thousand players who are all playing the game at roughly the same time, and can burgeon into many millions of dollars. They also carry a much, much lower chance of winning, however.

Short Win: No, wiseacres – this actually has nothing to do with the height of the gambler playing the slot machine! A “short win” is the ultimate fantasy-come-true for a slots fan, a big jackpot win after betting a small amount of money.

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