Jackpot Winner is On a Roll!

Many online slot machine players dream of winning a jackpot. Even if the amount were not in the millions like some big progressive pots, the excitement of those reels lining up would be a fantasy-come-true for pretty much anyone who has ever rolled a token into a one-armed bandit and pulled. If you have ever won a slot game jackpot, whether online or on land, no matter what amount, you have scored a coup. Can you even IMAGINE having won two jackpots? We can’t either. (Although someone did exactly that, this month! Check our news archives for the scoop!) So you can guess that we thought we were imagining things when we learned that one bettor at the Blackjack Ballroom online casino has TEN jackpots in her pocket!

A player known only as “MA” has scored a decaplet of online slot machine jackpot wins in the past few years. To date, this female player has amassed more than six hundred fifty-seven thousand dollars in slot game wins. The most recent was an almost forty-one thousand dollar hit of the Cash Splash online slot. This five-reel video slot title is among the hundreds of games offered by the Blackjack Ballroom.

Obviously, the Ballroom has been good to MA! Her biggest slot win so far has been a one hundred eighty-three thousand dollar jackpot, with a few of around twenty thousand bucks. MA has been a Blackjack Ballroom devotee for over seven years, and says that she prefers the online slots to those found in casinos because she can play them in the familiarity of her own house and doesn’t have to deal with smokers.

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