If you are a fan of their titles on various full websites, then you’re sure to love mobile slot apps for Betsoft. This company isn’t the biggest or the most well-known within the industry, but there is absolutely no denying that they know what they are doing in terms of beautiful graphics and a realistic experience. There are many different things that set these mobile slot apps for Betsoft apart from their competitors. First of all, they feature 3D graphics that are designed to take advantage of the capabilities of the modern new handheld devices and their powerful processors, bright screens and larger amount ofRead More →

While there are no fewer than a dozen different casino software providers out there who have created programs that are designed to work with all kinds of handheld devices, mobile slot apps for Microgaming are among the most popular. They were the first and therefore are still the most innovative, and this means that people will enjoy bug-free experiences with beautiful graphics and an easy-to-use interface. As a whole, this companies slot machine offerings have always been incredibly popular due in part to their ability to take after blockbuster movies. They’ve recently released some new ones of their own that feature action-packed superheroes never beforeRead More →

Top-of-the-class software is always one of the main driving strengths of any great casino. A game’s software determines its graphics and audio class. More importantly, the software controls the quality of the game play, including player support. Leander Games, which was founded and located in Buenos Aires, has been developing premium software for casinos since 2008. Even though it is somewhat a young company, it had made it its mission to give the more established software-developing companies a good competition. The term “Leander” means “lionlike man,” acknowledging the strength and hard work contributed by the company’s employees for its success. The company is made upRead More →

(The Big Slot Review Page is currently under construction. Pardon our “dust” as we continue to bring you the best online slot reviews on the Web, and keep checking back for more additions!) You know what they say about opinions – everyone has one. Here at Slots Data, we have plenty of opinions about the online slots that we play on the World Wide Web. We imagine that you do, too. The Big Slot Review Page is exactly what it says it is: a round-up of our years of top-quality reviews and ratings of online pokies, arranged alphabetically for your reading convenience. Here’s where toRead More →

The film adaptation of Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather remains one of the greatest cinematic classics of our day. Even more incredibly, the film’s first sequel was and remains the only sequel to ever win an Oscar for Best Picture. The online slot adaptation of The Godfather carries on the integrity of this well-known franchise in an honorable way. You’ll feel like an extra in Francis Ford Coppolla’s movie, sitting sipping cocktails behind a bar in New York with the Corleone mafiosos during the 1940s. The strong theming, meticulous attention to detail, and fat progressive jackpot make this slot title a can’t-miss for film buffsRead More →