The online slot machine industry was piqued recently when a challenge of the bizarre, quintessentially-popular British reality show Big Brother challenged the contestants to lose money as quickly as they could at a host of Vegas-style slot games as part of a weekly “shopping challenge.” The slot challenge was just the latest crazy scheme cooked up by the producers of this show, which locks several people in a house without access to TV, radio, or the internet, and records their every movement for the entertainment of viewers. The British Big Brother was the original version of the show, which has since been launched in theRead More →

Bowing to pressure from the deep-pocketed and politically-influential Indian tribes that are some of their biggest financial backers, California lawmakers voted last week on a controversial bill that will disallow anyone but authorized Indian tribe members from operating slot machine Bingo games. Last Friday, a twenty-four to nine vote in the Senate officially barred charity organizations like churches, mobile park associations and high school booster clubs (or anyone else) from utilizing the Bingo slot games that have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Charity associations are still authorized to host Bingo games as per current state law – just not the electronic, slot-machine-like permutations ofRead More →

What’s tall, white, keeps your food cold, and steals your money? You probably won’t guess that one, so we’ll tell you: a slot machine/refrigerator combo. No, it’s not the brainchild of some gambling-mad inventor. In fact, it’s not even functional. The slot game fridge was the award-winning entry in the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR Recycle My Old Fridge contest, dreamed up by the Georgia Power electric company. The online slot machine industry buzzed with the description of the winning refrigerator, which was decked out to look like a Vegas slot machine. The recycled refrigerator was jazzed up with “brushed aluminum framing” on itsRead More →

A New Jersey lawmaker believes that the introduction of slot machines could save a foundering horseracing track. State Senator Paul Sarlo maintains that he is not “slot-happy” by any means, but wants to see some slot games brought in to try and rehabilitate the image of the Meadowlands Racetrack, which was, at one time, one of the most popular racing facilities in the nation. It would be a minimum of three years before any slot machines could be brought into the South Jersey racing destination, owing to an agreement between the state government and the gambling capital of Atlantic City to give the town exclusiveRead More →