The office of the Attorney General of the state of Maryland is adamant in the belief that the wording of the ballot summary of a slot machine referendum should be left as-is. A press release issued from Annapolis last Friday announced that the AG had filed court documents insisting that the lawsuit brought by slot game opponents was baseless. A coalition of the state’s anti-slot machine activists are trying to change the ballot language wording that was originally written by the Secretary of State, and approved by the lawmakers of the General Assembly. The anti-slot machine faction insists that the crucial issue of where slotRead More →

Two-Armed Bandit: Is this what you call a pair of Siamese twin slot machines? (Yes, we laugh at our own jokes!) No, actually, this term has nothing at all to do with mechanical devices. Slot games are called “one-armed bandits” because they do, in fact, have one “arm” (a lever) and tend to rob a person blind. Well, most latter-day slots actually have a push-button instead of a handle… but you get the point. A “two-armed bandit” is a hustler who attempts to scam novice slot machine players to steal their money. This sort of unsavory character may also know a few DRILLERS or getRead More →

Driller: “Drillers” are slot machine scammers who deface slot games by drilling holes into them, with the hope of making the machine produce an artificial jackpot. It goes pretty much without saying that this is illegal. “Slotaholic Pain”: This is a diagnose that has not been officially approved by the American Medical Association! Experienced slot players fall victim to this ailment when they stay playing a specific slot game for too long. Commonly-held wisdom says that, if one has been playing a slot for some time without luck, it’s time to move on! Slot Talk: This is the gab and gossip that takes place betweenRead More →

Morro’s successor at IGT has not yet been named. The slot machine software provider’s sitting Chief Executive Officer, TJ Matthews, announced that he would be assuming Morro’s responsibilities for the time being. With Matthews operating as not only CEO and COO, but President as well, some experts have expressed concerns that his coverage of the company’s most essential duties could be spread too thin. It’s not only the loyal land-based and online slots fans of the company that are worried, it’s IGT shareholders as well. Matthews has only addressed the speculation by commenting that IGT is in a “restructuring mode.” He stated that the companyRead More →

The Smoke and Cerveza Store on Lyons Avenue in Santa Clarita, California, was raided recently by state authorities receiving complaints of illegal gambling devices being played there and drugs being dealt by employees. A search warrant was obtained by police officers raiding the bodega, and officers ended up arresting both the store owner, Pacifico Palo, and Geraldo Tamoyo, an employee. The store contained an illegal video slot machine and a search turned up drug paraphernalia, including methamphetamines. The local Alcohol Beverage Control board helped to complete a search of the establishment, which turned up the illegal narcotics and the slot machine in question. The slotRead More →