Fruit Machine: The UK term for slot machine, also know as fruties.

Hold Percentage: This is a casino term for the amount of money a slot machine will make for the house. For example, a slot machine with a 4% hold will make the casino $4 for every $100 run through the machine over time.

Loose Slots: When a slot is “loose”, it’s primed to win. Every slot player on earth is looking for a loose slot machine to play. Loose slots are also those that offer great payback percentages.

Payback Percentage: This is the amount of money the slot machine is designed to payback over the course of time. For example, a 95% payback machine means it will return $95 for every $100 run through the machine. This is over many thousands of spins.

Payline: The payline is a line that the machine pays on. Slot machines can have one payline or one hundred. Video slot machines usually have many paylines that go all over the screen.

Pay Table: The paytable shows you how much you will be paid for specific combinations. The pay table can be located right on the glass of the machine or in a menu on video slot machines.

Progressive: A progressive slot machine is hooked up to a bank that logs how much money is wagered on all connected machines. The more money wagered, the higher the progressive jackpot. When playing a progressive slot machine, you win the progressive jackpot when you get the required combination.

Reel: The reel has the stops on it. The traditional slot machines had three reels. Today, slot machines have any number of reels. In video slot machines, these reels are virtual.

RNG: This stands for random number generator. It’s a chip that stands alone in a slot machine. It’s job is to cycle through possible combinations all day long. The second you push play or pull the handle, the RNG spits out the combination is was on. This combination will either be a winner or a loser.

Slant Top Slot Machine: A slant top slot machine is one that’s wider and shorter than a traditional slot machine. They are pretty popular.

Slot Machine – The slot machine is a reel based machine that’s fun to play. The old machines are called “One Armed Bandits”, because they had a level you pulled to start the game. Today, video slot machines are the new breed.

Slots Info: a website dedicated to providing detailed information on how slot machines operate.

Stops : A stop is any point on the reel that a slot machine can stop on. If the stop contains no symbol, it’s called a blank. The number of stops on a machine help determine the number of winning combinations (and losing ones).

Symbols: Symbols are the pictures on a reel. They could be of a cherry, boat, money sign, 7 or anything. All slot machines pay when specific symbol combinations show up.

Tight Slots: Tight slots are a no-no for the slot player. These slots don’t like paying out. They have poor payback percentages and are there just to take your money.

Video Slot Machine: They are video versions of the slot machine. Rather than moveable parts, like reels, they are basically computer games. Since they are computer oriented, video slot machines offer many more features for the slot player, such as bonus scenes and game play enhancements.