Da Vinci Diamonds

Leonardo DaVinci is far and away the best-known artist to emerge from the English Renaissance period of history. That’s actually saying a lot, considering that the Renaissance (“rebirth”) signified a golden age of culture that transformed the course of history. Naturally, this Italian’s most famous work is the half-portrait of the enigmatically smiling Lisa del Giocondo, nee Gherardini, posing with a veil and crossed hands. Of course, we have long come to know this woman as the Mona Lisa, a masterpiece of history. Da Vinci Diamonds is a slot game dedicated to more minor works of this master, along with some gleaming gemstones.

Da Vinci Diamonds is a five-reel, twenty-payline online slot machine title by lesser-known online software company WagerWorks. Coin values start at one cent and go up to five dollars, with max coins of one hundred making the highest per-spin bet one of five hundred dollars. That’s a whole lot of money for a game with a maximum jackpot of just twenty-five thousand dollars, or five thousand coins. We really don’t believe in wagering one-tenth of the jackpot per spin, but that’s just us.

Rubies, emeralds, and topazes are featured on the reels, along with some images of Da Vinci’s paintings. (He was also a sculptor of no small talent.) There is a special gem that is the wild symbol, and can fill in for any other on the reels in a winning combination. The “Bonus” icons is (unsurprisingly), the bonus symbol – get at least three of these to start winning free spins.

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