“Buzzluck” Builds Plenty of Buzz

Czajkowski made the industry’s biggest names bristle when he called “typical” online casinos “the most boring websites imaginable.” If there’s one thing that Buzzluck is not, it’s dull. The casino integrates a wealth of fresh features that have never been integrated into a casino playing experience before, as well as a remix of such features (888’s virtual hostess, for example) that have worked in the past. Czajkowski said that he is aiming for a “supercasino” ambience with Buzzluck, one that is “live and immersive… more YouTube than Nintendo.”

Beta testers are reporting that stepping into Buzzluck is really just like entering a “real life” casino. You will see the three dimensional renderings of staff and vistors milling around, as well as some big surprises. The sound of slot machine terminals clanging and accepting coins will rise and fall with the player’s position within the lobby, and conversation will waft over from the gamin tables. There are no downloads, which is the preferred format with gamblers nowadays. The virtual lobby is constantly changing as digitally-rendered people move in and out, interacting with the player and generally contributing to the pervasive feeling of reality.

Buzzluck is licensed on the island of Malta, a Mediterranean territory that has become a major hotspot for casino companies in latter years due to its liberal regulation of the online slots and casino gambling industry. The Malta license also means that Buzzluck will bear the all-important British white label distinction. Czajkowski started the eGaming 2.0 company as the foundation for launching Buzzluck. As a holding company, eGaming 2.0 is formally headed by Czajkowski and has offices in Los Angeles, Malta, Manchester, and Montevideo.

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