Your Guide to the Vegas Slots (2 of 2)

If you consider yourself a slots player of some experience, you may interested in trying your luck at any one of the many, many slot game competitions that are taking place on a daily basis throughout Las Vegas. Don’t worry – not all of these tournaments limit competition to the “high rollers” who are flush and can afford to gamble away twenty dollars a spin! In fact, you might be surprised to know that a high number of these slots competitions are actually free to enter! On occasion, the only requirement to take part in these (lucrative) competition is membership in the establishment’s Players Club, which is free to obtain. Players Club membership is a useful thing to have on an overall basis. These clubs generally give you a plastic card that you can slide into any machine you play to earn cash rebates, merchandise, and/or entry into exclusive events! Even if you are planning a brief trip to Vegas with no immediate plans to return in the future, it would behoove you to take advantage of one of these clubs.

That’s far from the only insider information to carry with you on your trip to Las Vegas. Because Vegas is one of the highest-density locations in the world for slot machines, you can bet that casinos are competing for your coin. Therefore, the slots in Sin City tend to be a good deal “looser,” or more generous than the devices you might play in Atlantic City or on an Indian reservation. The Old Downtown section of the city is home to some of the loosest slots aywhere. The casinos may be a bit rundown and there may not be the finest selection of games, but the smart money plays here for the closest thing to a sure bet in Vegas.

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