Your Guide to the Vegas Slots (1 of 2)

If you have any sort of real passion for gambling, then you undoubtedly understand that some of the finest playing action in the whole world is to be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only is Vegas THE place to go and play your luck, it is also the undisputed entertainment capital of the world! Fans of slot machines will probably be overwhelmed by the sheer NUMBER of slot devices scattered throughout Sin City… even your average grocery store probably has a one-armed bandit lurking outside the main doors! The evolution of slot machines owes everything to Vegas, and Vegas in turn owes much of its glitz and glamour to the slots!

Slot machine income can count for upwards of seventy percent of a casino’s revenues, so you can bet that these exciting devices are front-and-center in many casinos’ floor plans. Nowadays, something like forty percent of all Vegas slots are video slot machines, so you can bet that these casinos are vying to offer the newest and hottest games for your enjoyment! Vegas casinos, especially those located on the world-famous Strip, are pretty much the international testing ground for all new innovations in slots. Gaming conventions take place on a year-around basis, flooding the city with the coolest, edgiest, and most entertaining slots to be found practically anywhere on Earth. Software companies are in constant competition to woo casinos with their own branded devices, and casinos are also competing with one another to score the most-likely winners from amongst the ever-changing crop of slot newcomers. That means that YOU are always the winner, with a world of choices available for your selection!

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