Financial Site Goes Under, Players Panic

The online slot machine and casino gambling fans that have used the website as their financial hub may be in trouble. It was reported late last week that the third-party transaction processor had apparently gone under, leaving untold masses of players high and dry. Online slots and gambling fans took to the World Wide Web’s many casino message boards and chat rooms in alarm when all attempts to access the site were redirected to the search portal.

Even more alarmingly, the site’s operators are refusing to answer any forms of correspondence regarding the status of unpaid player funds. The third-party payment processor was under new management, and things were supposedly looking up for the company. Indeed, many online slot machine and casino gamblers put their faith – and their money – into USDBET on blind faith.

Whispers about USDBet’s struggles have grown louder and louder over the past year, but no one could have anticipated that the company would unceremoniously ditch its customers like they appear to have done. Site representatives repeatedly assured the press that things were fine, almost right up to the point when the site went down. USDBet had earned several failing grades from casino betting groups because of its policy of delaying withdrawal payments, and this situation seems to be unfortunate proof that all the warnings were justified!

Someone who may or may not be a site manager told Sports Book Review that all pending withdrawals would be paid in full, but the e-mail address give by “James” is ignoring all inquiries.

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