Slot Terms You Need to Know: Volume 29

Onesies: These are slots players who refuse to play more than one coin per spin. Depending on who you ask, “onesies” are either true connoisseurs of the slot-playing experience (who like to savor their time and spend their coins slowly), superstitious weirdos, or cheapskates. Onesies will probably want to avoid MULTIPLIER SLOTS for reasons that should be clear.

Pay for Play Machines: These are slot machines that have a tiered structure of payout percentages, in the spirit of MULTIPLIER slots. A multiplier slot will multiply your jackpot or winnings based on how many coins you play, but gives you the same odds of winning regardless of how much you gamble. A pay-for-play machine actually shifts odds, or payoffs, based on how many credits, tokens, or coins you have bet. The more coins you play, the higher your odds of winning.

Payline: This is the area of the slot machine you are playing where the reels line up – usually, am actual line. On a single-line slot, the payline is generally located across the middle of the device. The symbols all line up in the middle to show your outcome and whether or not you won. Nowadays, and especially in regards to online slots, many popular slot titles have MANY paylines… up to twenty, even! You can choose to bet on all or some of these lines. The paylines in a multi-line slot can run horizontally (like in a traditional game) or vertically.

Progressive Meter OR Progressive Ticker: This meter gives you up-to-date information on how large a PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT has grown.

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