Slot Terms You Need to Know: Volume 28

Multiplier Slots: These are devices that pretty much reward you for bravery! Multiplier slots offer higher payouts for higher coin size bets. If you play just one coin on a multiplier title, your potential jackpot is a whole lot smaller than if you maxed out your bet. Many popular slot games nowadays are multipliers, because gambling aficionados like the extra degree of challenge that is tacked on by the multiplier function. ONESIES probably will want to stay away from this type of game, for logical reasons.

Nine-Six OR Eight-Five: This is a term that refers to PAYOUTS on video poker slot machines that base winnings and jackpots on card face combinations. These types of slot games have five reels that give you a “hand” of poker with the outcome. (These types of machines were the inspiration for the Australian terms for slot machines, POKIES, or POKER MACHINES.) In terms of “Jacks or Better” poker slots, a 9-6 (full house) pays out 99.5%, and an 8-5 (flush) pays out 97.3%.

One-Armed Bandits: An amputee who has stolen your fannypack, perhaps? (Our loyal readers will get that one.) Actually, this is a time-honored nickname for slot machines. The lever on the side of the device is the “arm.” Slots have a tendency of robbing you blind. Hence, the term “one-armed bandit!” Although this euphemism is still popular today, it’s pretty much archaic, as many machines now have push-buttons to activate the reels. Online slots, of course, have neither… but “one click bandit” just doesn’t have much of a ring to it!

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