Slot Terms You Need to Know: Volume 27

Money Management: Smarter gamblers will have a money management strategy firmly in place to ensure that they don’t spend more than they want to on the slots. We recently discussed SESSIONS as one such method; players can choose to limit how much time they physically spend in front of the machines. Alternately, players can choose strategies that limit how much money they spend, rather than time. Some slot fans will only play a certain percentage of any winnings they might accumulate, others will divide their BANKROLL between “x” amount of sessions, and so on. PROBLEM GAMBLERS (addicts) fail to use such methods of self-control, and are more likely to blow their wad playing the slots compulsively.

Multi-Line Slot: Slots with multiple PAYLINES offer you the chance to bet on several different outcomes with just one spin. A modern-day slot, packed to the gills with bells and whistles, may feature as many as twenty different paylines. You, of course, can bet on one line, all twenty, or any amount or combination in between. Many multi-line slots can be found in the world of online slot machines. Playing these slots can quickly get prohibitively expensive, especially if you are maxing out the bets on each payline. Those who are hard-up may want to seek penny slots with multiple lines for all the excitement of betting BIG, without a whale’s salary!

Multiple Coin Slot Machines: Surely, this one almost explains itself. A multiple coin slot requires more than one coin or token to play.

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