Slot Terms You Need to Know: Volume 26

Mechanic: Is there a doctor in the house? This guy (or gal, to be fair) is the person in charge of keeping your favorite slot machine in good working order. Mechanics fix things, and the folks employed by casino operators under that title are no exception. If a slot game needs fixing, the mechanic is there to get the job done. You may not have known that the house mechanic is also the one in charge of setting the devices’ payoffs. Ergo, if you are given the rare opportunity to communicate with one of these workers, you will probably not want to make a bad impression!

Mechanical Slots: These are your grandfather’s slot games. Back in the days before LCD video displays and second-screen bonuses, slot machines used to have mechanical reels. You may still a few of these beauties around, but they have mostly been banished to the annals of gambling history. This type of “vintage” slot will have the old-fashioned lever that is the “arm” of the bandit, which actually winds up and spins the reels. It goes without saying that the machines are more vulnerable to the sorts to tampering being attempted by DRILLERS, SPOONERS, and STRINGERS.

Online Fill: Online slot machines on the World Wide Web lack a tangible hopper, you argue. What, exactly, does a FILL have to do with the world of internet slots? Basically, an “online fill” refers to the replenishment of your player account to reflect your earnings as you win at the slots.

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