More Slot Myths Explained – And Debunked!

It’s time for another round of Smash That Slot Myth, with your friends here at If there’s one think we know, it’s that the world of gambling is full of superstition. Few groups of people are as superstitious as gamblers, and, among those who like to play their luck, few harbor as many myths and misconceptions as those who enjoy the slots! That’s why we exist – to help you decide the mysterious and confusing world of slot machine myths and separate the truth fro, fiction. Honestly, a lot of these old stories that are currently making the rounds stem from a lack of knowledge about how slots and/or the casino industry work! You certainly don’t want to wallow in ignorance, right? Enjoy our newest episode of MythBusters – The Slots Edition, and feel free to inform your friends that they are being silly when they try to pass off some of these old saws as the honest-to-goodness truth!

#1 – Don’t Hit that Button!

Most slot machines nowadays feature push-buttons, rather than the pull-levers that were so emblematic of old-school slot machines. It’s only been lately that some slot manufacturers have tapped in to the gambling public’s desire to play their luck like the card sharks in old Hollywood movies, and added “legacy” levers to their devices. These handles are putting the “arm” back in the “one-armed bandit”… and some players are swearing up and down that they are luckier than the buttons.

Should you make sure to pull the handle, rather than hit the button? In a word, no. Whether you give that ol’ arm a yank or tap the “Max Credits” button, you are triggering the exact same process within the slot machine game.

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