Big Brother Contestants Aim to Lose

The online slot machine industry was piqued recently when a challenge of the bizarre, quintessentially-popular British reality show Big Brother challenged the contestants to lose money as quickly as they could at a host of Vegas-style slot games as part of a weekly “shopping challenge.” The slot challenge was just the latest crazy scheme cooked up by the producers of this show, which locks several people in a house without access to TV, radio, or the internet, and records their every movement for the entertainment of viewers.

The British Big Brother was the original version of the show, which has since been launched in the United States with several seasons’ housefuls of American contestants, and also in many other countries. The slot machine challenge dared the group of current contestants to gamble away two hundred eighty pounds in as quick a time as possible. Three hundred fifty ten-pence coins were doled out to each of the eight housemates. “Rex” was the first player to lose all his money on the slots, because his machine did not seem to be paying out. Meanwhile, his seven roommates quickly discovered that it’s not quite as easy to lose at the slot games as it might appear!

Player “Mo” was penalized and forced to lose an additional hundred coins after trying to cheat by putting more than one piece at a time into the slot machine. Consequently, he was one of the last two players competing to lose all their coins, along with housemate “Mikey.” We’re not sure what the point of this challenge was, not being Big Brother fans, but it certainly entertained the online slot machine community!

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