Internet Slot Sale Backfired for Grandpa

A grandfather from Indiana was nailed this past week by a state gaming board official after he tried to sell a pair of old slot machines on the internet. Police records show that Glen Lantz and his grandson John Flickinger were busted after putting two vintage Cherry Master pokies on the popular online classified site Craigslist with the intention of selling them. Unfortunately, the ad was spotted by an official, who posed as a potential buyer and charged seventy-three year old Lantz and twenty-one year old Flickinger with 1.) owning 2.) repairing 3.) trying to sell 4.) offering an interest in an illegal gambling device, and also promoting unlawful professional gambling.

Lantz admitted that he had owned the slot games for about thirteen years. Up until around 2006, he had agreements with gambling establishments in Allen and Wells counties, in which the would-be casinos collected money from the machines and split it with Lanz. Lanz leased the machines and repaired them. Since the last agreements expired, Lanz admitted that he had been trying to get rid of the devices, which he knew were illegal. Flickinger persuaded him to put the fruit machines up for sale on Craigslist.

Lantz, a retired firefighter, had no previous criminal record. An official statement disclosed the fact that Flickinger’s past was not so clean. The young man had been caught last December stealing expensive consumer electronics and selling them on the eBay auction site. The youth received a plea deal and agreed to one year of house arrest and to repay over thirty-one thousand dollars in restitutions in exchange for the dismissal of seven other felony charges.

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