Bodog Takes Another Hit (2 of 2)

Ayre, who has been virtually condemned to the life of a nomad as he evades an ongoing investigation of his finances and business dealings in the United States, has steadfastly maintained that he will never cave on the First Technology case, and refuses to pay the software provider a single penny of the money that American courts say that they are owed. He publicly called the company’s CEO Scott Lewis a “troll,” and has made several hateful comments that some have described as threats towards the man.

Ayre made sure to do what he had to in terms of making sure that neither First Technology nor anyone else could seize the online slots and casino gambling site. Bodog restructured accordingly, and did not give up the domain name. In a move that seems almost ridiculous, Bodog turned to the Federal Court of Appeals to try and reverse the two negative decisions. News that the appeal was (predictably) denied really must have left the gambling firm smarting.

Now, the online slot machine and casino gambling firm has very few options left. They could continue to evade the law – which, for many reasons, is definitely not a bright idea – or they could cave in and pay the fine for the patent infringement of which they were found guilty. With all the time that has passed, Bodog now owes over fifty million dollars to First Technology! Knowing Bodog’s incorrigible reputation (even without Ayre at the helm), it’s not very likely that this wil happen, either.

Some experts have sniffed that the American courts’ dispositions on the Bodog case are largely indicative of the unfavorable treatment of online slots and casino gambling sites that has taken place throughout the years.

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