Free Slotsjam Flash Game

We imagine that the vast majority of our readers here at SlotsData are in it to win it. While online slot game playing is a great method of stress relief and a reliable source of entertainment, we’re not so naïve as to disregard the fact that slots’ biggest appeal is the CASH that stands to be won by playing! Would you still play a slot machine if you couldn’t win anything for your efforts? That’s not exactly the case with the untitled flash game posted by gaming review site Slotsjam. The player who earns the most credits playing this holiday slot machine will win fifty bucks.

We actually had a lot of fun playing this slot game! It is Christmas themed, and done up in bright primary colors. Symbols include wrapped gifts, gingerbread cookie men, purple Christmas tree decorations, Santa hats, and snowflakes. The reels spin while a midi snippet of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” plays. (Although we do recommend turning down the volume after a while, as it does get very repetitive quickly!) This five-reel, nine-payline title allows you to bet up to three coins at a time.

We were delighted to “make” over one thousand credits in the few minutes we devoted to playing this free online slot game. Of course, that amount doesn’t quite come close to the sixty thousand credit top score that is currently the top contender for the fifty dollar prize, but we were still pretty pleased! The free game gives you one hundred credits to start with, and ends when you lose them all.

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