Thunder from Down Under

They say that ignorance is bliss, and we’re not sure that we disagree. When we read the title of the Cryptologic online slot game, Thunder from Down Under, we had a certain idea about what we were in for. The cute and cuddly exploits of kangaroos and wallabies caught out in inclement weather, perhaps? Something having to do with crocodile wrangling? We’ll tell you what we were NOT banking on… half-naked Aussies strutting their stuff. It turns out that the Thunder from Down Under is the name of a popular male revue in Oz, similar to the Chippendales in America. These hunks are ready to take it all off, if you are ready to take them on.

Down Under is a five-reel, twenty-five payline online slot machine title. Coin values range from one cent to twenty dollars, with max coins set at twenty-five. Maxing out your bet will give you a shot at the outstanding EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLAR top jackpot!

Predictably, the reels of this slot game are filled with images of hot blokes in various stages of undress. If you line up identical pictures, the guy in question will shimmy for you in a video animation. If stripping guys are your thing, this ought to be a real thrill. The reels are set in what looks like a marquee, with glowing lights in the background. One of the long-haired studs is the wild symbol, and the title logo is the scatter. Collect three of these to win free spins, during which all wins are doubled! Who knows – if your luck is good, you just might win enough cash to see these delicious male specimens in person!

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