Crazy Pizza

There are few pleasures in life that can compare to the delight of biting into a slice of delicious pizza. Truly wonderful pizza is hard to find, but even lower-quality pies are better than many other foods out there! We’re not too sure what’s so off the wall about the Crazy Pizza depicted on the reels of the eponymous online slot game, but we really don’t care. Gazing at the lovingly animated and dripping pizza slices was enough to get our mouths watering to the point where we were oblivious to the “Crazy” part of the equation. Oh, and the progressive jackpot wasn’t too bad, either!

Crazy Pizza is a three-reel, one-payline online slot game from lesser-known software provider Top Game, available EXCLUSIVELY at the 7Spins online casino! If you have not taken a visit to this outstanding online casino, now is definitely the time! 7Spins may lack the name recognition and sheer size of some of its closest competitors, but its clear commitment to quality distinguishes it clearly from other comers.

Take Crazy Pizza, for example. The slot game features a heady jackpot of six thousand coins within the game, but it is also tied into 7Spins’ progressive jackpot network, which pays out progressive jackpots that average one hundred thousand dollars! You’ll need to score three crazy pizza slices in a row to break this pot. You’ll also see splattered tomatoes, BAR symbols, and soda cups in your quest to win a pie-in-the-sky fortune! In the meantime, we recommend ordering up a pizza from your favorite delivery service while you are spinning the reels!

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