$5 Million Touchdown

Our non-American readers will just have to take our words for it when we tell you that there simply is no sport quite like football. Something about the sights and sounds of three hundred pound guys in Spandex whipping a ball around and tackling each other just stirs the souls of Yanks in a way to which no other national pastime can quite compare. Because of its prominence in the culture, football has been given the online slot machine treatment many times over. The $5 Million Touchdown is yet another addition to the canon of football-themed slots. We really enjoyed this punter – even if the title was more than a bit misleading!

The $5 Million Touchdown is a five-reel, twenty-payline online slot title from Vegas Technology – a provider of consistently high-quality fruit machines. Coin values range from one cent to ten dollars. With max coins of twenty, the potential for high-rolling with this one is quite high (two hundred dollars a spin!). The top prize is an incredible fifteen THOUSAND coins, or one hundred fifty thousand dollars! That is an amazingly generous, amazingly attractive slot game jackpot. Too bad that it seems almost disappointing, considering the “$5 Million” of the title is nowhere in sight.

It should come as no surprise that gridiron warriors are the main attraction on the reels of this game. Other typical football game sights (like cheerleaders, a coach’s whistle, a tossed coin, and one of those foam fingers) are also depicted. This is one game that has it all – from wild and scatter symbols to bonus icons and no less than two unique free spin bonuses! Even those who don’t like football all that much will have plenty of fun with this one!

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