PressMyBet is Expanding

PressMyBet is an online slots and gambling portal that works with US players, which is unusual in the current online gambling market. The site caters to US players letting them know what sites will take their money, as well as giving them reviews and all kinds of pertinent information to keep them happy and informed.

The site lets players know which are the best online slots and gambling casinos, poker rooms, etc. They had a fairly comprehensive list, and then decided to expand it to make it much more encompassing for their US players. Now they offer much more than they did before.

The online slots and gambling portal gives them reviews, facts, etc. that will help the US player make an educated decision in regards to online gambling. It gives you information on online gambling in general in the US and how it pertains to the UIGEA, as well as how it relates to their specific state.

They know that not only do players have to worry about their payment processing within the US; they also have to worry about who is reputable and who simply wants to take their money. The beauty is that this site is a reputable resource for their clients, which will keep them coming back for more.

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