Do you know what the one major difference is between slot players that win more over the long run and those that don’t? It’s money management. Before you run off, just hang on. This article is not going to be a dry course in the depths of financial management. Instead, we are going to talk about a simple way to manage your money when you play. Money management is a huge topic in the gambling world. Rather then dive into every single aspect, we are going to talk about session management.

A session is simply a period of playing time. For example, if you were going out tonight to play that would be a session. It doesn’t matter if you are going to hop online to play for five minutes or go out and play all night, you need to manage your money. The first step is to come up with an amount you are willing to lose for the session. It sounds simple enough, but so many people lose their shirts, because they failed to set a limit.

It’s important to stick to your limit. If you don’t this is all pointless. If you just gambled your last dollar away for the session, leave. Don’t stay because you think the machine is about to hit. Don’t stay and play more because you keep almost hitting the big one. This line of thinking kills more slot players than you can imagine. When it’s time to quit, take a hike. Come back another day if you want.

Now that we have our session limit, let’s divide it by 100. If your limit is really large, you can divide it by more. We are dividing it by 100, because we want to make sure we have at least 100 spins during our session. If you are playing online and will only be playing for 5-10 minutes, divide by 10-20. Let’s say our example bankroll is $200. If we divide that by 100, we have $2.

The most we can spend is $2 per spin. Next comes the easy part. Simply look for slot machines where the max play costs $2 or less. It’s important to always play the maximum. If you can’t afford to play the maximum on the machine, move down a limit, or move to a machine with fewer pay lines. When you play less than the max, you are playing right into the hands of the casino.

By following this simple session management procedure, you will have more fun and give yourself a better opportunity to be a big winner. Remember, setting limits only works when you stick to them. There’s always tomorrow. Don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose.