Mechanic: Is there a doctor in the house? This guy (or gal, to be fair) is the person in charge of keeping your favorite slot machine in good working order. Mechanics fix things, and the folks employed by casino operators under that title are no exception. If a slot game needs fixing, the mechanic is there to get the job done. You may not have known that the house mechanic is also the one in charge of setting the devices’ payoffs. Ergo, if you are given the rare opportunity to communicate with one of these workers, you will probably not want to make a badRead More →

If you consider yourself a slots player of some experience, you may interested in trying your luck at any one of the many, many slot game competitions that are taking place on a daily basis throughout Las Vegas. Don’t worry – not all of these tournaments limit competition to the “high rollers” who are flush and can afford to gamble away twenty dollars a spin! In fact, you might be surprised to know that a high number of these slots competitions are actually free to enter! On occasion, the only requirement to take part in these (lucrative) competition is membership in the establishment’s Players Club,Read More →

If you have any sort of real passion for gambling, then you undoubtedly understand that some of the finest playing action in the whole world is to be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only is Vegas THE place to go and play your luck, it is also the undisputed entertainment capital of the world! Fans of slot machines will probably be overwhelmed by the sheer NUMBER of slot devices scattered throughout Sin City… even your average grocery store probably has a one-armed bandit lurking outside the main doors! The evolution of slot machines owes everything to Vegas, and Vegas in turn owes much ofRead More →

Two-Armed Bandit: Is this what you call a pair of Siamese twin slot machines? (Yes, we laugh at our own jokes!) No, actually, this term has nothing at all to do with mechanical devices. Slot games are called “one-armed bandits” because they do, in fact, have one “arm” (a lever) and tend to rob a person blind. Well, most latter-day slots actually have a push-button instead of a handle… but you get the point. A “two-armed bandit” is a hustler who attempts to scam novice slot machine players to steal their money. This sort of unsavory character may also know a few DRILLERS or getRead More →

Driller: “Drillers” are slot machine scammers who deface slot games by drilling holes into them, with the hope of making the machine produce an artificial jackpot. It goes pretty much without saying that this is illegal. “Slotaholic Pain”: This is a diagnose that has not been officially approved by the American Medical Association! Experienced slot players fall victim to this ailment when they stay playing a specific slot game for too long. Commonly-held wisdom says that, if one has been playing a slot for some time without luck, it’s time to move on! Slot Talk: This is the gab and gossip that takes place betweenRead More →