All About Slots and Video Poker by Gollehon is a 64 page guidebook that can help you succeed at any casino. Slot machines and video poker are probably the most popular casino games available today, and if they’re your games of choice, then you can’t miss this book. Even though slot machines offer player odds second-worst only to keno, there are ways you can gain an advantage as a player. Millions of people flock to slot machines at casinos around the world, and if you’re one of them, then you need the information that this guidebook offers. Within the pages of this slim volume isRead More →

Pay Table: This is a crucial section of any slot machine that lets you know who much you could win. The pay table usually shows the symbols for each winning combination and lets you know how much you will win for that combination. This is also the section of the device that tells you if there are any bonuses and what they are. Progressive Jackpot: There are some slot machine jackpots that stay static. Regardless of how much money is in the machine or how many people have been playing it, the device will always pay out the exact same top prize. A progressive slotRead More →

Onesies: These are slots players who refuse to play more than one coin per spin. Depending on who you ask, “onesies” are either true connoisseurs of the slot-playing experience (who like to savor their time and spend their coins slowly), superstitious weirdos, or cheapskates. Onesies will probably want to avoid MULTIPLIER SLOTS for reasons that should be clear. Pay for Play Machines: These are slot machines that have a tiered structure of payout percentages, in the spirit of MULTIPLIER slots. A multiplier slot will multiply your jackpot or winnings based on how many coins you play, but gives you the same odds of winning regardlessRead More →

Multiplier Slots: These are devices that pretty much reward you for bravery! Multiplier slots offer higher payouts for higher coin size bets. If you play just one coin on a multiplier title, your potential jackpot is a whole lot smaller than if you maxed out your bet. Many popular slot games nowadays are multipliers, because gambling aficionados like the extra degree of challenge that is tacked on by the multiplier function. ONESIES probably will want to stay away from this type of game, for logical reasons. Nine-Six OR Eight-Five: This is a term that refers to PAYOUTS on video poker slot machines that base winningsRead More →

Money Management: Smarter gamblers will have a money management strategy firmly in place to ensure that they don’t spend more than they want to on the slots. We recently discussed SESSIONS as one such method; players can choose to limit how much time they physically spend in front of the machines. Alternately, players can choose strategies that limit how much money they spend, rather than time. Some slot fans will only play a certain percentage of any winnings they might accumulate, others will divide their BANKROLL between “x” amount of sessions, and so on. PROBLEM GAMBLERS (addicts) fail to use such methods of self-control, andRead More →